Friday Miscellany: Cigarette poetry, comics, and more vermin for children

Apparently no one knows whether British Corporal Jack Turner, who supposedly wrote this poem, was real or not. If he was a figment of an ad writer’s imagination, it makes me mad. If he was real, it makes me want to cry.

…Then you think about a little grave, with R. I. P. on top,
And you know you’ve got to go across–altho’ you’d like to stop;
When your backbone’s limp as water, and you’re bathed in icy sweat,
Why, you’ll feel a lot more cheerful if you puff your cigarette.

Poem, Fags, Murad cigarette advertisement, 1918.

Judge magazine, February 2, 1918

What was it with St. Nicholas magazine and the vermin?

Poem, A Soldier Brave, St. Nicholas magazine, 1918.

St. Nicholas magazine, February 1918

I haven’t read any 1918 comics yet, but this gets me pretty much up to speed.

Cartoon, "The cartoon-supplement artist's paradise," Judge magazine, 1918.

Judge magazine, February 2, 1918

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